George Moody
Communications & Marketing



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?


We like to start by meeting in person to understand your needs and ensure there’s a good fit with our skill set. We will then put together a proposal for your review. Once we’ve agreed on proposed scope of work and budget, we’re ready to go!

How do you staff projects?

Both partners are involved in every project, so that our clients have the benefit of multiple perspectives.  For larger projects requiring more than the two of us – or requiring more specialized skills (like graphic design or video production) – we turn to our inner circle of amazing vetted professionals and agencies.

Do you both work on all projects?

We are both involved in every project, so that our clients have the benefit of multiple perspectives.  That said, sometimes budgets only allow for one primary person. In this case, one of us will be the primary lead, with the other providing strategic input and support as needed.

How do you cover all of the categories described in your Services?

Each of us have more than twenty years of business experience – we’ve done LOTS of things along the way and met LOTS of people.  We have either run projects or managed teams that have run projects in every category we’ve included. We also have an incredible network of vetted professionals and agencies that we work with regularly when extra hands or deeper skills are needed.

Given our facility with language, we can also help you translate your product/service from Spanish to an English speaking market-- opening up the US market.

How do you structure your pricing?

Every project is different, and pricing is structured based on client needs, deliverables and timing. We have found that monthly retainer fees or single project fees tend to work best both for clients and for us as service providers, allowing for ongoing momentum and predictability of costs.  

How many projects do you take on at a time?

We focus on no more than 2-4 clients at a time, so that we can be present regularly in your office or remotely to stay on top of the rapidly fluid circumstances that affect our work. This also allows us to scale up and commit more time during periods of intense workflow.

Who is George Moody?

George and Moody are our last names!