George Moody
Communications & Marketing


From Visa to Worldreader, George Moody has worked with an impressive client list.  Join the club!

Join the club.

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Client Testimonials


Wonder Workshop worked with George Moody on two important projects recently: one to document and codify the culture of our 4-year old startup and two, to rethink and update our brand messaging story. George Moody invested the time necessary to understand our business and team and were uncanny in their ability to get to the 'heart' of both our culture and our brand quickly. With input from our team, they provided a culture “Bible” for our use in employee onboading and a new brand messaging platform that we are incorporating throughout our website and in ongoing marketing efforts. We are grateful for the work that "the Susans" did for us and hope to work with them again.” ”

Renee Niemi
Chief Business Oficer
Wonder Workshop

Susan (George) has a natural gift at stepping into a start-up, thriving amidst the normal chaos, and making things happen with speed and grace.... rebranding, product launches, PR efforts, website re-launches, company videos, collateral development, and more. Susan was able to help Skyfire with both B2C and B2B branding successes. On top of it all, she's not only sharp, but a pleasure to work with.”

Jeff Glueck
Former CEO, Skyfire
(current CEO, Foursquare)

Susan (Moody) was Worldreader's first Director of Communications, at a time when we'd only started on our path of getting one billion people reading. At the time we'd appeared in no press at all; now we've appeared on CNN, in the New York Times, in the Huffington Post, in El Pais, on NPR and in numerous African publications all over the world. At the time we had no marketing partnerships; since then, we've partnered with Facebook, Amazon, FC Barcelona's Foundation, Penguin Random House, and many more. And at the time, we'd raised thousands of dollars; since then we've raised millions. Every one of these accomplishments has Susan's fingerprints on them; most came as a direct result of her leadership. I can think of no higher praise than to let her accomplishments speak for themselves.”

David Risher
Marketing, Amazon

Susan (George) is a delight to work with – she’s a quick study, even-keeled and produces excellent work in tight time frames. She is particularly strong at building relationships quickly with senior executives, distilling down and refining the key strategy and marketing messages, producing innovative ideas then driving them through implementation."

Alistair Goodman

As Senior Director of Communications, Susan (Moody) took being data driven to a new level. She relentlessly led the charge towards getting us to rigorously test our messaging, discover what drove our social media following, and understand how our work resonated with our donors. She has been wildly successful in this role -- Worldreader has regularly punched above its weight, appearing in Wired before we were a year old, and on CNN, PBS, in the WSJ and FT, in major news outlets across several different countries, before we were even 4 years old.”

Zev Lowe
Senior Director of Global Insights

Afero engaged Susan (George) very early after its inception, seeking to craft a unique technology brand to take the Internet of Things world by storm. With Susan's leadership, the company explored naming options, logo design, website development and the creation of a video to clearly explain the company's brand proposition. Susan stayed on through the hiring of the first marketing employee and the official launch of the company, and continued to provide ongoing counsel to the company.”

Joe Britt