Wonder Workshop

San Mateo

Wonder Workshop, a Series C funded Silicon Valley start-up that makes robots that teach kids how to code, hired George Moody for two different projects: one, an examination and reinvention of the company culture, and two, a rethinking of their brand messaging platform.


Both projects required buy-in from Wonder Workshop employees -- so it was essential to involve them in every step of the process, while also offering a critical outside perspective.  We started with in-depth interviews with key employees at various levels of the organization to get a sense of their culture and brand.  We then shared learnings back, brainstormed with a larger team, and refined what we had uncovered and our new recommendations.  We iterated closely with their team to ensure the final product of both projects was reflective of Wonder Workshop’s culture and brand. 


Our deliverables included a robust “Culture Manifesto” that is used in hiring and on-boarding new employees to ensure the company attracts and retains the right team members, as well as a lengthy brand strategy with a new messaging platform (“Designed for Learning, Engineered for fun”) that has been incorporated throughout their website and external communications.  


“Wonder Workshop worked with George Moody on two important projects recently: one to document and codify the culture of our 4-year old startup and two, to rethink and update our brand messaging story. George Moody invested the time necessary to understand our business and team and were uncanny in their ability to get to the 'heart' of both our culture and our brand quickly. With input from our team, they provided a culture “Bible” for our use in employee on-boarding and a new brand messaging platform that we are incorporating throughout our website and in ongoing marketing efforts. We are grateful for the work that "the Susans" did for us and hope to work with them again.”
      Renee Niemi,  Chief Business Officer, Wonder Workshop

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