Westland Investors

portland & barcelona

Westland Investors, a real estate investment firm in the Pacific Northwest, wanted to take their development model into a new overseas market: Spain. They knew they needed to start by refreshing their dated brand and then think creatively about new ways to attract investors. Westland hired George Moody to be their marketing communications partner in this effort.


George Moody was retained for multiple months to spearhead a marketing overhaul, beginning with a fresh new logo and website. We then assessed their content and created a variety of important pieces -- including a system for simple, visually interesting investor reports, a detailed strategic white paper, articles for Medium and a compelling new Investor deck (in both English and Spanish). We also launched, tested and refined targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook and conceived of and hosted two special events in Spain to attract new investors. Our ability to work fluently in English and Spanish, and our networks in both countries created unique synergies that are helping Westland build their profile in both markets.


As a direct result of George Moody’s efforts, Westland received a marked increase in targeted in-bound inquiries and helped raised significant funds for two different real estate investment projects in Spain. In addition, Westland has retained George Moody for ongoing marketing work in Spain and the United States as they continue to grow. 


"George Moody has been a key partner in helping Westland grow from a  "mom & pop" regional company into an international institutional enterprise. We greatly value their strategic perspective and creative approach, and appreciate how they continue to elevate both our brand and our business."

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