UCSF Rosenman Institute

San Francisco

UCSF Rosenman Institute is a health tech ecosystem that has grown rapidly and expanded its capabilities and audiences since its inception in 2015. As a result, their website had been added to “kitchen-sink style” and had lost cohesion and a clear brand identity along the way. The client had a strong feeling that their constituents did not fully grasp the breadth and benefits of their work as a result.


We started by taking a hard look at the various programs and resources that the Rosenman Institute offers, and how these assets are utilized and valued by their key audiences. We leveraged interview audits and marketing research that had been collected by another party, and also conducted a critical half day deep dive with the key players at the Institute to gather additional insight and engage them in the process. We articulated this information into a clear brand playbook that included Institute positioning and messaging, core competencies, recommended structure and strategic business advice to help them attain their goals. Once this was complete, we brought in our web design partner BKW to bring the brand to life in a new website.  


We collaborated closely with a core client team to copywrite, design and launch a new website that beautifully illustrates the good work that the UCSF Rosenman Institute does to advance health technology and improve patient lives. Our work highlighted discrepancies in terminology, helped clarify the value of the Rosenman Institute ecosystem, and now encourages engagement and investment from the broader health tech community.  


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