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Founded in Spain as an app to help influencers monetize their expertise, Plazah found that their brand was not resonating with their target audience of US-based fitness trainers. They hired George Moody to help them think through how to “Americanize” their offering, attract more users and reach potential big partners. 


We quickly realized Plazah would have much more potential with a broader message and updated brand. Working with the founder of the company, George Moody helped Plazah carefully define their target audiences, refine messaging for each one, and tell a bigger story about the emerging arena of personal commerce. We restructured and redesigned their website -- including all new copy -- and also scripted and produced a two minute video to help tell their complex story in a simple, clear way. And finally, we leveraged a major retailer trade show to enable Plazah to put their best foot forward with Fortune 500 retailers and potential partners. 


Our work drove Plazah to think beyond a single audience and tell a more compelling story for retailers. The video we produced helped Plazah distill a complex offering into an easy-to-understand concept, which was critical for buy in by a large retailer.


“I was amazed by the strategic value George Moody brought to the table. They are so much more than marketers. They helped us to distill the essence of our business, turn it around, and then successfully communicate it -- with a dedication well beyond what would have been reasonable."
      Roger Casals, Founder and CEO, Plazah

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