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Each year, architecture firm, Jensen, holds a company-wide offsite designed to energize employees and connect them more closely with the company’s purpose and one another. This year, they wanted to utilize this valuable time to focus on culture -- crystallizing their core values, company vision and what makes them uniquely Jensen!  


Jensen hired George Moody to coordinate the agenda and run an all-day offsite. After some ice-breakers to loosen everyone up, the first half of the team offsite was spent sharing in pairs and then presenting and discussing each team member’s personal guiding design principles -- what inspires them, what they value in the profession and why. The second half of the day, we broke into small groups to discuss and analyze the unique design culture of the studio. We delved into their philosophy, practices and values and then reconvened to distill key insights and draw conclusions.


The team left feeling more connected than ever - with a better appreciation of one another’s individual talents, as well as clarity around what enables Jensen to soar as a well-coordinated team. After the event, George Moody provided a Culture Recap which is being utilized as an ongoing reference tool and a way to engage new hires in “the Jensen way.”


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