Inventrust is a startup that was shifting its strategy from the patents and intellectual property space into the OpenSource software world. The company is harnessing blockchain and AI technologies to create an exchange for snippets of software code to be bought and traded. When we first spoke, they described a complicated (yet exciting!) model in a crowded space and were in need of a creative partner to help them refine their narrative.


George Moody held a half day Messaging Workshop with key stakeholders to help Inventrust define a clear and compelling story about their new offering.  With the founding team in the room, and important advisors from all over the world patched in, we gathered critical inputs while ensuring that all opinions were shared and heard. From that session, we produced a Brand Playbook that included an industry overview, competitive landscape, key differentiators, positioning statement, taglines, and visual branding guidelines. In addition, we took their previous Investor Deck, which was over 60 slides long, and refined it down to 14 key slides, which are currently being used to raise funds. 


InvenTrust utilized utilized George Moody's Brand Playbook to finalize their website, and the Investor Deck to enable them to go out to investors and partners with confidence and clarity.  


“During most start-up journeys, there comes a moment where clarity of purpose and how that is communicated becomes critical to taking the next leap forward.  Susan and Susan provided guidance with this process and an instinct for paring a complex series of narratives down to what was truly essential.  We look forward to re-engaging them as we take this next turn.” 
     Andy Scott Co-Founder InvenTrust

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